Best Tourist Places To Visit In Assam

The Indian state of Assam is located in the country’s northeastern region and is renowned for its tea gardens. But it’s more than tea gardens; to appreciate Mother India’s vast variety and natural beauty, one must visit Assam. It is no wonder that it is known as the ‘Land of Wonders.’ There are several tourist places in Assam. These places make it more special than states with other tourist attractions. They enhance the aesthetics of the environment.

A location that coexists with nature will always have a nice feel and appearance about it. In such a situation, Assam tourist places are no exception. It is a destination that everyone should make a point of visiting at least once in their lives.

These are the best tourist places in Assam. Know the location better to visit these places with some knowledge. Understand the cultural context of the state and the biodiversity that exists there in more depth. This is one of the few places in the world where you will see a staggering range of biodiversity, which is a key draw for visitors to visit Assam.

Assam exemplifies natural beauty and delight. Its breathtaking vistas resemble a picture-perfect world straight out of a storybook. A natural heaven surrounded by picturesque hills, it has tranquil rivers and their tributaries, green tea gardens, a stunning island, lush deep woods and old historical sites, it never fails to pique the interest of all travellers- nature enthusiasts and photographers, families and animal enthusiasts, there’s something for everyone here.

So here is the list of assam best tourist places

  1. Kaziranga National Park is home to the one-horn rhinoceros, a critically endangered species.
  2. Manas National Park is a stunning biosphere reserve.
  3. For a sublime religious expedition, visit the Kamakhya Temple.
  4. Majuli Island is the largest riverine island in the world.
  5. Hoollongapar Assam’s Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the state’s most spectacular sights.
  6. To witness a magnificent natural wonder, visit the Kakochang Waterfalls.
  7. Tocklai, The Tea Research Centre, is one of the oldest tea research stations in the world and a great learning experience.
  8. Meet the kangaroos and llamas at the Assam State Zoo and Botanical Garden.
  9. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a diverse range of ecosystems.
  10. Rare species of aquatic beings can be found in the Orang National Park.
  11. Umananda Island is the world’s smallest inhabited island and is on the Brahmaputra river.
  12. The water lilies and hyacinths of Dipor Bil are a gorgeous riot of colours.
  13. Enjoy a Space Odyssey at the Guwahati Planetarium!
  14. Hajo’s temples and sacred artefacts are a sight to see and a holy trip.
  15. The safari in Nameri National Park is a fun trip for the fearless.
  16. Padam Excavations at Pukhuri Archaeological Site is an unforgettable experience.
  17. Haflong Lake with its pristine waters is a great place for a peaceful time.
  18. Haflong Hill is a popular destination for adventure seekers.
  19. The spectacular views from Panimur Falls are one for the album.
  20. Dima Hasao is the ancestral home of the Assamese tribes and steeped in history.
  21. Dibru Saikhowa National Park is a pristine wilderness preserve.
  22. Sivasagar is a centuries-old civilization on the Banks of the Ganges.
  23. Silchar is a land filled with enchanting scenery.
  24. Dibrugarh is known as the ‘Tea Capital of India’ and a must-visit for tea lovers.
  25. Tinsukia is a beautiful region with charming villages.
  26. Sualkuchi is known as the Weaver’s Village and has much to offer.
  27. Karimganj is known for its wetlands and lush farms.
  28. Bongaigaon is a thriving cultural centre.
  29. Peace and tranquillity may be found at Hailakandi.
  30. Digboi is known as the ‘Oil City of Assam.’ Visit it to find out why.

The following are the highlights of tourist places in assam:

  • Assam is a state in northeast India well-known for its long historical background. It contains Ahom dynasty monuments, which was in power for 600 years. Manas Wildlife Sanctuary has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as has Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Assam’s customs and traditions are diverse because it is home to many ethnic tribes and affiliations. Each has its sociocultural existence, which includes, among other things, customs, culture, cuisine, beliefs, languages, and holidays.
  • Baishagu, Ambubachi Rongker Chomangkan, Bhihu, Me-Dum Me-Phi, Ali-Ayeligang, and Festival are some of the most well-known festivities in Assam.
  • Assam contains 25 % of India’s flora and fauna. The state is also home to five national parks and eighteen animal sanctuaries.
  • There are approximately 660 green tea gardens in Assam.
  • Assam is also home to the MV Mahabaahu, which is considered the world’s top ten river cruise ships.
  • Assam has the world’s largest river island, Majuli, and the world’s smallest inhabited river island, Umananda. The Umananda Temple was built in the 17th century and is devoted to Lord Shiva.
  • When you visit Hajo you will have an opportunity to see the beautiful coexistence of three faiths – Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam – as adherents of all three religions assemble to worship the almighty.


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