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Day 1: Arrival and City Tour in Phnom Penh

Welcome to Phnom Penh, a city that preserves its original Khmer and colonial characteristics, complete with French houses and a big tree-lined boulevard. Upon arrival in Phnom Penh, our representative will meet you at the airport and bring you to your accommodation. Today, after breakfast, we will tour the colourful Khmer-style royal palace complex built in 1866 by King Norodom's Predecessors. Nearby lies the Silver Pagoda (the Emerald Buddha Temple), which has a plethora of Buddha Statues adorned with gold, diamond, gemstones, and silver. We will visit the Independence Monument and the National Museum, which is housed in a stunning Khmer architectural structure and has about 5000 art antiques made of bronze, wood, gold, silver, copper, sandstone, and other materials. We drive through a riverfront park where four rivers meet, including the mysterious Mekong. Climb the sacred hill of Phnom Daun Penh. Overnight in Phnom Penh at a hotel.

Day 2: Tour of Phnom Penh Traveling to Siem Reap

This afternoon, we go to the Tuol Sleng jail, which is now a Genocide Museum and was the most secret component of the Khmer Rouge system. It's also known as S-21 (abbreviated for Security Office 21), the Khmer Rouge's primary security camp dedicated to the questioning and extermination of anti-Angkor elements. We leave the artefacts of Cambodia's horrible history behind and go shopping at the Russian market. We transfer to the airport / bus station this afternoon for our flight / fast bus to Siem Reap. Upon arrival in Siem Reap, our representative will meet you at the airport or bus station and transport you to the hotel. Overnight at Siem Reap at a hotel. (B)

Day 3: Full-day Angkor excursion

This morning, we tour the South Gate of Angkor Thom, also known as Big Angkor, which was the last capital of the Angkor Empire. The famed Bayon Temple was an architectural jumble, in part because it was built in a piecemeal method over a century. Terrace of the Elephants is a 300-meter-long terrace wall embellished with carved elephants and columns that spans the middle of Angkor Thom in front of Baphuon - a massive temple mountain in the heart of Angkor Thom, Royal Palace Area, and Phimeanakas - an outstanding rite and sandstone pyramid. The Terrace of the Leper King is located at the northern end of the Terrace of the Elephants, a double terrace wall with intricately carved nagas, devils, and other legendary monsters. This afternoon, we will visit the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia, which is one of the seven wonders of the world. Its awe-inspiring remains, masterpieces of ornamental details as well as architectural style, survive as evidence to Southeast Asia's greatest civilization's astonishing achievements. According to Hindu mythology, it is a duplicate of the cosmos. It is made up of Mount Meru and is surrounded by continents and oceans. Its magnificent bas-reliefs depict various Khmer epics and mythology. The five iconic towers of Angkor Wat soar into the sky, forming a mathematical arrangement of various galleries embellished with beliefs and stone representations of heavenly Apsara dancers, as well as entrances, rooms, and courtyards. Overnight at Siem Reap at a hotel. (B)

Day 4: Angkor Wat Full-Day Tour

After breakfast, go to Ta Prohm Temple, which is a beautiful mix of human creativity and natural beauty. For decades, giant trees have flourished here! Prasat Kravan was built by noblemen rather than a monarch at first. Banteay Kdei was constructed of sandstone, which has deteriorated significantly. However, several extremely exquisite lintels and pediments survive. Srah Srang was the King's bathing pond, where he bathed his many concubines every day. Takeo - King Suryavarman It is a five-level pyramid dedicated to Shiva. Thommanon is a little picturesque temple in excellent condition that was erected at the same time as Angkor Wat. Chau Say Tevoda was devoted to Shiva and Vishnu and was established in the second quarter of the 12th century beside Thommanon. This afternoon, we travelled overland to see the Grand Circuit's highlights, which included: Preah Khan - also known as The Sacred Sword, this temple was established by Jayawarman VII and is known for its enormously lengthy cruciform corridors and beautiful decorations. Neak Pean - A delicate highlight of Khmer art, this temple. This temple, built by Jayavarman VII, is a magnificent portrayal of the sky on Earth. Ta Som was a tiny traditional Bayon-style monastery structure with a somewhat level enclosure. East Mebon was erected by Rajendravarman in the 10th century on a tiny island in the centre of the Oriental, or Eastern, Baray. The most recent visit Pre Rup was established in the 10th century by Rajendravarman and is a great place to see the sunset. In Seam Reap, spend the night at a hotel. (B)

Day 5: City Tour of Siem Reap - Floating Village

This morning, we go to Wat Thmei (Killing Field), which has a remarkable glass-walled pagoda holding the bones of Khmer Rouge victims. Some of the bones were discovered in a local well, while others were discovered on a nearby battlefield. Continue to "Les Artisans d'Angkor - Chantiers Ecole," the Finest Authentic Khmer Arts and Crafts. Lunch at a nearby restaurant. This afternoon, we'll go to the Floating Villages, which are located south of Siem Reap. Take a traditional wooden boat trip on the Tonle Sap, Cambodia's "Great Lake" and the largest in Asia. On the Tonle Sap, we will encounter many examples of the Khmer way of life. Then, pay a visit to Wat Bo, a highly regarded pagoda established in the 18th century that houses very unusual wall paintings of the Reamker (Ramayana) that are thought to date from the late 19th century. We proceed to Psar Chars, often known as the "Old Market," one of the city's vibrant outdoor marketplaces. Overnight at Siem Reap at a hotel. (B)

Day 6: Depart from Siem Reap

You will be transferred to the airport this morning for your trip back home or to your next destination. (B)

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